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Bluetooth foot switch

Bluetooth foot switch

Bluetooth foot switch


一、Function declaration
1. RDING Bluetooth pedal switch of is a customized keyboard used for a computer or a mobile phone. It provides a Bluetooth or USB interface. Users can use software to customize the buttons for any function, such as keyboard shortcuts, mouse functions, multimedia playback, and game keys.
2. Keyboard function: can be set to any key value or combination key (including F 13 to F 24 etc.), such as key value A or CTRL+A function.
3. Mouse function: can be set to left, middle, right of mouse button or scrolling wheel either in horizontal or vertical direction.
4. String input: a maximum of 38 characters can be set, such as www.pcsensor.com.
5. Multimedia function: support multimedia function, such as the previous, the next, volume up, volume down and so on.
6. Game joystick (iOS not supported): can be set to up, down, left, right and 6 buttons.
二、Product parameters
1. Bluetooth coverage radius:≥10m
2. Bluetooth version:Bluetooth 3.0
3. Power Supply Voltage:AAA*2 cell
4. working current :<3mA
5. stand-by time :about 2 years
6. Switch service life:More than a million times
7. Support wire mode
三、Product pairing
This product is compatible with Android ,Windows, Apple (iOS), Mac OS. When red and green lights are flashing the keyboard is in pairing mode, then you can use a mobile phone or computer to connect to the keyboard.
Red and green flash: pairing mode, you can use computers, mobile phones or any other devices supporting Bluetooth features to search the keyboard after the pairing.
Red light flash:reconnect mode, indicating that the keyboard is connecting to the last paired device.
Green light: indicates the data sending is normal after the pairing is successful.
Note: the device will hold two pairs of information, the device will first connect to the last connected device, if fails it will connect to another paired device, or go to the sleep mode.

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